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. they don't want to cut defense. >> cenk: that's true. hey, man i'm perfectly happy to do that. let's go to michael shure. the language is good. the frame something good. it seems strong. excuse me if i'm a little skeptical that he won't negotiate over the debt cerealing. >> you're excused for being skeptical, you're fine. you have every reason to feel that way although i think the way he handled the fiscal cliff was a departure--i think he bent over a little bit less than he has in the past in terms of going back on what he said he was going to do. he got americans to--wealthy americans to pay more in taxes. not the specific $250,000, quarter of a million. >> when we came to the so-called fiscal cliff there was a question that the american people had to resolve or the politicians did between the clinton-era tax rates where we had great prosperity and the bush-era tax rate where we didn't have that prosperity. for some reason we chose to go with the bush-era tax rates for 99% of americans. that makes no sense. >> but again-- >> and boehner is saying now he's literally i got 99% of what i
absurd defenses by the republicans, which i'll get to in a second. ana kasparian joins me here. first let's start with president obama's press conference today. let me show you what he said. >> obama: they are common sense measures. they have the support of the majority of the american people. yet, that doesn't mean that any of this will be easy to enact or implement. if it were we would already have universal background check. the ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines would never have been allowed to expire. it will depend on congressional action. they need to bring it up for a vote, and the american people need to make sure that they do. >> cenk: well, president obama's proposals were strong today including a ban on new assault weapons limits on high capacity magazines, expanded background checks and tougher gun trafficking laws. anna, what else did he do? >> those are proposals and they do need to undergo congressional apowers. however he passed 23 executive actions. as he was signing those actions let's take a look at the video he did so with children behind him. this was
see petitions like bring back 3 ddoritos or consolidate the department of defense and the census bureau into a single department of kicking ass and listing names. and allow ron paul to the original constitution. it would would make the world a better place and petitions that make air tight cases out of confusing issues like when the petition to legalize chris tall weed says marijuana cigarettes gangsta easy he cream so baked thethe 420 how can you argue against that. and you can always sign my petition to lower the thresh threshold back to 25,000. i'm done talking now. >> jennifer: all right brett you only have 99 the thousand 999 to go. someone is always in our war room. check us out on "the war room"." you can link up to our twitter our facebook page and check out our exclusive web an extra. thank you for joining us on "the war room." we hope you have a great night. and we'll see you back tomorrow night. >> cenk: welcome to the "young turks." we've got an exclusive tonight. michael hastings to rahm emanuel about campaign finance and rahm emanuel loses its. here's a taste: >> ce
known as ruby, but she is a moroccon citizen brought in today. the defense decided not to call her at all. these parties that he had he's got ruby here, who took a $60,000 payment from it and he now says that payment had nothing to do with prostitution, nothing to do with sex, he was helping her start a business new i'm done, but i got to ask. you're the italian expert. guilty or not guilty? [ speaking italian ] >> cenk: i agree. you know what i think guilty, always guilty. john fugelsang what's coming up on viewpoint? >> i want to remind you in parts of france, he could run on that behavior and win. we've got a fun show, including our new nightly award segment the quickest awards show in the world, presenting the i'm not a racist butt award. nominees include an coulter and bill o'reilly. the f. bomb kentry will be on glenn beck's libertarian comment. you talked about it, but what's left for lance armstrong. he has lied for so long to so many people in so many ways, the only career left seems to be politics. we'll cover that plus much more on viewpoint. >> cenk: we're looking forwa
in my opinion as i was saying there alex takes some legitimate points, the national defense authorization act is unconstitutional it does take away some citizens' rights to get a fair trial but it doesn't mean that it was 20 guys who had a secret plan all along to get the worldwide conspiracy hollywood, and they have the zombies in and we look like zombies and they dehumanize us. we have real problems with your government and i'm afraid whennal ex-goes--when alex goes on his rants it dismisses the actually points. he did interestingly admit interest that his effort at getting piers morgan sent out of the country was tongue in cheek and also doing it on purpose and being loud on purpose, which is interesting as well. when we come back we'll have a real conversation about the drone program in this country. and how we're using it abroad, and it is devastating. >> what we have documented is that drones kill not only terrorists, they kill many others. they kill civilians. they have killed women and (vo) always outspoken, now unleashed, joy behar. >> on my next show i'll talk to t
the defense of marriage act. some folks think it may be getting overturned when they hear arguments in march and april. if that happens same sex couples able to marry will have access to all the federal benefits that come with marriage. civil union couples will not. that will be a real discrepancy that means a lot of economic hardship on families and protections that aren't there for the families in the same way. >> why do you think that aside from religious voters that the mentality toward same-sex marriage is changing among constituents? >> i think that it's -- i know my daughter, for example she's got three kids, at least three kids in her class who have two parents of the same self. she can't possibly fathom why that family is treated differently than our family. people know our friends and you have so many relationships now you see in loving committed relationships have families that need the same protections as your own family. i think it becomes a less mysterious concern and factor when you see it and how much it is a string in our neighborhoods and communities to be actually supporti
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)